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about kreatia


I create clothes both for women and men. They are unique, detail-oriented pieces. I strive to make cuts that are both extremely classical, rooted in the best practice of tailorship, and heavily influenced by my observations of contemporary living.

I cherish good craftsmanship, and I want my audience to be aware of the seams, edges and stitches present in my work. I make no effort to hide these integral elements; I leave them exposed. I want to make the level of labor apparent.

I am an artist; the art I pursue is the art of fashion. Raised in the artistic and bohemian atmosphere created by my father, a preeminent Polish sculptor, and my mother, a highly esteemed seamstress, I am an amalgamation of my upbringing.

I only work with natural fabrics: wool, silk, and cotton. I select my fabrics carefully, their quality is of utmost importance to me. Choosing quality material to work with, demonstrates for me, the earnest and profound beauty of simple, unadulterated meaning. I give the material my utmost trust. I take pride in focusing on the importance of bringing fine craftsmanship to modern design, while retaining elegance and creative strength.


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